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Policy Brief No. 13 How the Colombian Peace Accord Contributes to Guaranteeing Victims' Rights March 2023.pdf (700.45 kB)

How the Colombian Peace Accord Contributes to Guaranteeing Victims’ Rights

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posted on 2023-03-17, 00:00 authored by Laurel Quinn
In 2016, the Colombian Final Accord established that the acknowledgement of victims and their suffering should be at the center of the agreement. The accord also determined the necessity of restoring victims’ rights to truth, justice, reparation, and non-recurrence which were violated during the armed conflict. Challenges to restoring the rights of victims remain even after the signing of the peace accord, including the desertion of some members of the former FARC-EP from the peace process and continued violence against human rights defenders and social leaders. Despite these challenges, the implementation of the peace accord has been effective in addressing the most serious effects of the armed conflict. This brief summarizes how the Colombian Final Accord has contributed to guaranteeing victims’ rights to truth, justice, reparation, and non-recurrence. Key recommendations from the brief include having the international community, mediators, and civil society promote and disseminate the findings of the Colombian Truth Commission Final Report so the recommendations are fully implemented, as well as to use the Colombian Final Accord as a best practice for the principle of centrality of victims in other ongoing peace processes.


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