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    Lantern slides created in the United Kingdom during the late 19th or early 20th century. Image subjects include castles, churches, cathedrals, colleges, prisons, public buildings, and public squares. These lantern slides were intended for use in architectural pedagogy. Some images include persons and fashions of the time.

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    G. Massiot & cie

    Built by senatorial decree in 10 AD by the consuls P. Cornelius Dolabella and C. Iunius Silanus. The arch is located on the Caelian Hill, at the north corner of the site of the Castra Peregrina. It spans the modern Via di S. Paolo della Croce, along the line of the ancient Clivus Scauri. Its location indicates that it was a rebuilding of one of the gates of the Servian Walls. The travertine arch was not decorated with sculptural relief. At one point the Aqua Claudia (aqueduct) ran along the top.

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