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    Paul T. Kroeger, Bridgette E. Drumond, Rachel Miceli, Michael McKernan, Gary F. Gerlach, Amanda N. Marra, Annemarie Fox, Kristen K. McCampbell, Ignaty Leshchiner, Adriana Rodriguez-Mari, Ruth Bremiller, Ryan Thummel, Alan J. Davidson, John Postlethwait, Wolfram Goessling, Rebecca Wingert

    The zebrafish kidney is conserved with other vertebrates, making it an excellent genetic model to study renal development. The kidney collects metabolic waste using a blood filter with specialized epithelial cells known as podocytes. Podocyte formation is poorly understood but relevant to many kidney diseases, as podocyte injury leads to progressive scarring and organ failure. zeppelin (zep) was isolated in a forward screen for kidney mutants and identified as a homozygous recessive lethal al…

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