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    Donald Brower

    A November 18, 2021, workshop by Donald Brower, PhD, University of Notre Dame.

    What is TeX? TeX is a system to produce formatted documents. While it can produce all kinds of documents, such as Articles, Slides, CVs, Handouts, and Exams, it is especially useful for items with mathematical formula (but that is not a requirement). TeX is a mark-up language, akin to HTML. One writes a text file containing commands that tell TeX how to format the file. Then one…

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    Natalie Meyers, Donald Brower, Michelle Barker

    Vector-Borne Disease Network (VecNet)’s digital library provides part of a common analytical framework to assemble data on malaria transmission and make it accessible for the purposes of computational modeling. This poster-paper presented at IEEE/ACM Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, Sept. 2014 (DOI:10.1109/JCDL.2014.6970212) reports on VecNet digital library development, key decisions related to metadata standards, design, the central role of metadata and authority files in its architec…

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