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  • Author:
    Hongfei Zhu
    Advisory Committee:
    Fabio Semperlotti, Tengfei Luo, David Hoelzle , James Patrick Schmiedeler
    Degree Area:
    Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
    Defense Date:
  • Inventor(s):
    Fabio Semperlotti, Hongfei Zhu
    Patent Number:
    US 9437183 B2

    An embedded acoustic metamaterial lenses allows for ultrasonic beam-forming and high resolution identification of acoustic sources for structural health monitoring. The lenses design provides an alternative to conventional phased-array technology enabling the formation of steerable and collimated (or focused) ultrasonic beams by exploiting a single transducer. The ultrasonic beam can be steered by simply tuning the frequency of the excitation. Also, the embedded lens can be designed to achiev…

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