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    Qinfeng Wu, Pavel Aleksandrovich Brodkiy, Francisco Javier Huizar, Jamison John Jangula, Cody Narciso, Megan Kathleen Levis, Teresa Brito-Robinson, Jeremiah J. Zartman

    Recently, organ-scale intercellular Ca2+ transients (ICTs) were reported in the Drosophila wing disc. However, the functional in vivo significance of ICTs remains largely unknown. Here we demonstrate the in vivo relevance of intercellular Ca2+ signaling and its impact on wing development. We report that Ca2+ signaling in vivo decreases as wing discs mature. Ca2+ signaling ex vivo responds to fly extract in a dose-dependent manner. This suggests ICTs occur in vivo due to chemical stimulus that…

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  • Author(s):
    Douglas Thain, Peter Ivie, Haiyan Meng

    An increasing amount of scientific work is performed in silico, such that the entire process of investigation, from experiment to publication, is performed by computer. Unfortunately, this has made the problem of scientific reproducibility even harder, due to the complexity and imprecision of specifying and recreating the computing environments needed to run a given piece of software. Here, we consider from a high level what techniques and technologies must be put in place to allow for the ac…

  • Author(s):
    Peter Ivie, Anna Woodard, Matthias Wolf, Douglas Thain, Kevin Lannon, Michael Hildreth, Rob Gardner

    The DASPOS project is an NSF-funded collaborative research project designed to explore the technical means of preserving the data and software components necessary to reproduce and build upon published scientific results. This technical report series consists of short reports that outline background, case studies, and technical results related to data preservation, with a focus on high energy physics.