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  • Creator(s):
    Marc Muller, Jaynise Perez-Valentin

    This dataset accompanies the Manuscript “Impact of Hurricane Maria on beach erosion in Puerto Rico: remote sensing and causal inference” by Jaynise Perez-Valentin and Marc F. Muller, November 2019.

    beachesGIS is a zip archive that contains GIS vectors of 75 beach polygons across Puerto Rico. The vectors are provided in ESRI Shapefile format and LatLong coordinate system and have an attribute table with a beach name.

    TimeSeries is a csv table containing time series of shoreline pos…

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  • Creator(s):
    David H Richter, Anne E Dempsey

    Data for the reproduction of figures found in the paper Turbulent transport of spray droplets in the vicinity of moving surface waves written by David Richter et al.

    Included in this data set is: Spray Droplet Concentration, normalized velocity, and surf. Joint probability distributions of the droplet ejection location with (a) the droplet death location, (b) the maximum height reached by the droplet during its lifetime, and © the droplet lifetime for Cases d10 and d100.

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  • Creator(s):
    Kenneth Christensen, Nathaniel R. Bristow
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  • Author(s):
    Yide Zhang, Scott S. Howard, Cody J. Smith

    Super-resolution microscopy is broadening our in-depth understanding of cellular structure. However, super-resolution approaches are limited, for numerous reasons, from utilization in longer-term intravital imaging. We devised a combinatorial imaging technique that combines deconvolution with stepwise optical saturation microscopy (DeSOS) to circumvent this issue and image cells in their native physiological environment. Other than a traditional confocal or two-photon microscope, this approac…

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