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  • Author(s):
    Yide Zhang, Prakash Nallathamby, Genevieve D. Vigil, Aamir A. Khan, Devon E. Mason, Joel D. Boerckel, Ryan K. Roeder, Scott S. Howard

    Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy is an important tool in biomedical research for its ability to discern features smaller than the diffraction limit. However, due to its difficult implementation and high cost, the super-resolution microscopy is not feasible in many applications. In this paper, we propose and demonstrate a saturation-based super-resolution fluorescence microscopy technique that can be easily implemented and requires neither additional hardware nor complex post-processin…

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  • Inventor(s):
    Ryan K. Roeder, Matthew J. Meagher, Robert J. Kane
    Patent Number:
    US 9550012 B2

    The invention provides a novel composite bone graft system utilizing a porous collagen scaffold having a matrix impregnated with calcium phosphate particles and more than one bioactive agent, one of which is conjugated to the matrix. The graft system exhibits increased mechanical strength and osteogenic properties by providing sites for tissue attachment and propagation. The bioactive agents are delivered to the scaffold via different mechanisms to enable sequential and sustained release of t…

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