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  • Author:
    Trevor B. Demille
    Advisory Committee:
    Svetlana Neretina, David Go, Gregory Hartland, Ed Kinzel
    Degree Area:
    Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering: Materials Science and Engineering
    Doctor of Philosophy
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  • Author(s):
    Yide Zhang

    In cancer and all biomedical researches, we always need a microscope with better imaging precision, speed, functionality, and depth, so that the diagnostics and treatments of cancer and other diseases can be accurate, fast, and noninvasive. However, conventional fluorescence microscopes cannot satisfy these needs due to physical limits on resolution, speed, information, and depth. In this work, we aim to overcome these limits using novel super-resolution microscopy and high-speed quantitative…

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  • Author(s):
    Yide Zhang, Prakash Nallathamby, Genevieve D. Vigil, Aamir A. Khan, Devon E. Mason, Joel D. Boerckel, Ryan K. Roeder, Scott S. Howard

    Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy is an important tool in biomedical research for its ability to discern features smaller than the diffraction limit. However, due to its difficult implementation and high cost, the super-resolution microscopy is not feasible in many applications. In this paper, we propose and demonstrate a saturation-based super-resolution fluorescence microscopy technique that can be easily implemented and requires neither additional hardware nor complex post-processin…

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