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    In the Summer/Fall of 2017, participants were invited to contribute answers for the PresQT research study, entitled “Data and Software Preservation Quality Tool Needs Assessment” related to the PresQT Project, University of Notre Dame Study # 17-04-3850 DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/D3JX7. Data Collection closed Sept 1, 2017 at 5 PM EDT.

    Participants’ answers to a series of questions related to their past practice, and anticipated future needs as researchers and/or software developers …

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    Yide Zhang, Scott S. Howard, Cody J. Smith

    Super-resolution microscopy is broadening our in-depth understanding of cellular structure. However, super-resolution approaches are limited, for numerous reasons, from utilization in longer-term intravital imaging. We devised a combinatorial imaging technique that combines deconvolution with stepwise optical saturation microscopy (DeSOS) to circumvent this issue and image cells in their native physiological environment. Other than a traditional confocal or two-photon microscope, this approac…

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    Rob Wieck

    Larval collections from artificial breeding sites in a high-transmission fish farming area in the brazilian Amazon.

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    Christopher R. Sweet, James C. Sweet
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    US 9972120 B2

    A method of mapping a two-dimensional image to a three-dimensional surface includes capturing data for a two-dimensional image and a three-dimensional structure. A process determines coincident points between the 2D image and the 3D structure and maps points on the 2D image to the 3D structure by assigning relative two-coordinate points from the two dimensional image to relative three-coordinate points of the three-dimensional structure. The mapping creates a 3D surface and texturing and remo…

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