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  • Author(s):
    Matthew Sisk

    Lead exposure is a major health hazard affecting children and their growth and is a concern in many urban areas around the world. One such city in the United States (US), South Bend Indiana, gained attention for its high levels of lead in blood and relatively low testing rates for children. We assessed current lead screening practices in South Bend and the surrounding St. Joseph County (SJC). The 2005–2015 lead screening data included 18,526 unique children. Lead screening rates ranged from 4…

  • Author(s):
    Matthew Sisk, Lacey Ahern, Heidi Beidinger, Danielle LaFleur, Michelle Ngai

    Lead exposure in SJC continues to be a persistent, complex public health issue. Data released in December 2016 showed that census tract 6 in South Bend had the highest rates of EBLL in the state of Indiana. Because lead exposure can produce significant cognitive and physiological damage even at very low levels of exposure, immediate action was required. Understanding what the epidemiologic profile of lead in SJC was among the first steps taken to address this issue. The St. Joseph Coun…

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