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    Travis A. Olds, Luke R. Sadergaski , Jakub Plášil, Anthony R. Kampf, Peter C. Burns, Ian M. Steele, Joe Marty, Shawn M. Carlson, Owen P. Mills

    Leószilárdite (IMA2015-128), Na6Mg(UO2)2(CO3)6·6H2O, was found in the Markey Mine, Red Canyon, White Canyon District, San Juan County, Utah, USA, in areas with abundant andersonite, natrozippeite, gypsum, anhydrite, and probable hydromagnesite along with other secondary uranium minerals bayleyite, čejkaite and johannite. The new mineral occurs as aggregates of pale yellow bladed crystals flattened on {001} and elongated along [010], individually reaching up to 0.2 mmlong. More commonly it occ…

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