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  • Author(s):
    Brianna Norris-Mullins, Bruce J. Melancon, Miguel A. Morales, Mary Ann McDowell

    Leishmania parasites are the causative agents of a wide spectrum of human diseases. The clinical mani- festations of leishmaniasis range from self-healing skin lesions to fatality. The World Health Organization has classed leishmaniasis as a category 1 neglected tropical disease. Leishmaniasis represents a major in- ternational health challenge, affecting 12 million people per year and with nearly 310 million people at risk. The first-line chemotherapies used to treat leishmaniasis are intrav…

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  • Author(s):
    Maria Cristina Miranda-Vergara, Shourik Dutta, Aishwarya Natarajan, Beth Facchine, Kristen Jackson, Lukas Nystrom, Jun Li, William Kaliney, Glen Niebur, Laurie Littlepage

    Bone is one of the most common sites for metastasis across cancers. Cancer cells that travel through the vasculature and invade new tissues can remain in a non-proliferative dormant state for years before colonizing the metastatic site. Switching from dormancy to colonization is the rate-limiting step of bone metastasis. Here we develop an ex vivo co-culture method to grow cancer cells in mouse bones to assess cancer cell proliferation using healthy or cancer-primed bones. Profiling soluble f…