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  • Editor(s):
    Erika Doss, Cheryl K. Snay
    Monuments -- political aspects, Art history -- 20th century, Sculpture -- United States, Political History, Cemetery -- Paris, France, Public Memorials, Social Movements, Public Murals

    This publication records selected papers presented at the 2018 Midwest Art History Society Annual Conference held in Indianapolis. The essays in this e-volume contribute to contemporary conversations about public monuments, broadly defined as commemorative objects, images, and spaces, and the responses to them, including the calls to remove, relocate, or destroy them. Contributors consider these “monumental troubles” from multiple historical, geographic and theoretical perspectives,…

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  • Author(s):
    Cheryl Snay

    The re-installation of the decorative arts collection at the Snite Museum of Art in 2017 offered an opportunity to rethink the interpretative strategies employed in the galleries. This brochure offers visitors a brief overview of the collection, its strengths, and its areas of growth. It is divided into two parts. Part I addresses materials and techniques and juxtaposes some ancient material with more modern and contemporary examples. In addition, it introduces the reader to various technique…

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