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    Frederik J. Steyn, Siobhan Kirk, Tesfay W. Tefera, Teresa Xie, Timothy Tracey, Dean Kelk, Elyse Wimberger, Fleur Garton, Llion Robets, Sarah Chapman, Jeff Coombes, W. Matthew Leevy, Alberto Ferri, Cristiana Valle, Frederique Rene, Jean-Philippe Loeffler, Pamela McCombe, Robert Henderson, Shyuan Ngo

    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is characterized by the degeneration of upper and lower 36 motor neurons, yet an increasing number of studies in both mouse models and patients with 37 ALS suggest that altered metabolic homeostasis is a feature of disease. Pre-clinical and clinical 38 studies have shown that modulation of energy balance can be beneficial in ALS. However, our 39 capacity to target specific metabolic pathways or mechanisms requires detailed understanding 40 of metabolic dysr…

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