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    Shanmugam Panneer Selvam, Ryan De Palma, Kristen Johnson, Rasesh Parikh, Vamsi Gangaraju, Yuri Peterson, Mohammed Dany, Robert V. Stahelin, Christina Voelkel-Johnson, Zdzislaw Szuic, Erhard Bieberich, Besi Ogetmen

    Formation of membrane pores/channels regulates various cellular processes, such as necroptosis or stem cell niche signaling. However, the roles of membrane lipids in the formation of pores and their biological functions are largely unknown. Here, using the cellular stress model evoked by the sphingolipid analog drug FTY720, we show that formation of ceramide-enriched membrane pores, referred to here as ceramidosomes, is initiated by a receptor-interacting Ser/Thr kinase 1 (RIPK1)-ceramide com…

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