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    Sergey M. Aksenov, Natalia A. Yamnova, Elena Yu. Borovikova, Anatoly S. Volkov, Dmitry A. Ksenofontov, Olga V. Dimitrova, Olga A. Gurbanova, Dina V. Deyneko, Fabrice Dal Bo, Peter C. Burns

    The bismuth(III) oxophosphate Bi3(PO4)O3 was obtained by hydrothermal synthesis. The unit cell has a = 5.6840(6) Å, b = 7.0334(7) Å, c = 9.1578(9) Å, α = 78.958(2)°, β = 77.858(2)°, γ = 68.992(2)°, V = 331.41(6) Å3, space group P1̅, and Z = 2. The crystal chemical formula that reflects the presence of oxo-centered tetrahedra and triangles is 2DOIIIOIV2Bi3. The crystal structure contains [O3Bi3]3+∞∞-heteropolyhedral corrugated layers parallel to (001), which alternate along [001] with i…

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