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    Radovan Dojčilović, Jelena D Pajović, Dušan K Božanić, Nataša Jović, Vera P Pavlović, Vladimir B Pavlović, Lea Lenhardt Acković, Ivana Zeković, Miroslav Dramićanin, Slavka Kaščaková, Matthieu Réfrégiers, Goran Rašić, Branislav Vlahović, Vladimir Djoković

    The interaction of partially reduced graphene oxide (prGO) and Huh7.5.1 liver cancer cells was investigated by means of DUV fluorescence bioimaging. The prGO sample was obtained by the reduction (to a certain extent) of the initially prepared graphene oxide (GO) nanosheets with hydrazine. The fluorescence of the GO nanosheets increases with time of the reduction due to a change in ratio of the sp2 and sp3 carbon sites and the prGO sample was extracted from the dispersion after 6 min, when the…

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