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    Yanran Cui, Zhenglong Li, Zhijian Zhao, Viktor J. Cybulskis, Kaiwalya D. Sabnis, Chang Wan Han, Volkan Ortalan, William F. Schneider, Jeffrey Greeley, W. Nicholas Delgass, Fabio H. Ribeiro

    Au/MgO and Au/Mg(OH)2 catalysts were prepared and used as model systems to study the participation of the Au–support interface in the water-gas shift reaction (WGS). Au/MgO and Au/Mg(OH)2 showed similar WGS kinetics, consistent with a similar WGS reaction mechanism. However, Au/MgO had a lower apparent reaction order with respect to H2O and was identified as having a higher specific WGS rate compared with Au/Mg(OH)2 at the same average Au particle size. The focus of the work is on Au/MgO, whe…

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