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    Y. Pang, Y. Yang, T. Curtis, S. Luo, D. Huang, Z. Feng, J. O. Morales-Ferreiro, P. Sapkota, F. Lei, J. Zhang, Q. Zhang, E. Lee, Y. Huang, R. Guo, S. Ptsinska, R. Roeder, T. Luo

    © 2019 American Chemical Society. Polymers with superior mechanical properties are desirable in many applications. In this work, polyethylene (PE) films reinforced with exfoliated thermally reduced graphene oxide (TrGO) fabricated using a roll-to-roll hot-drawing process are shown to have outstanding mechanical properties. The specific ultimate tensile strength and Young’s modulus of PE/TrGO films increased monotonically with the drawing ratio and TrGO filler fraction, reaching up to 3.2 …

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