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    Keon R. Schmidt, Barnes Werner, Jenna Koenig, Ian Guldner, Patricia Schnepp, Xuejuan Tan, Lan Jiang, Misha Host, Longhua Sun, Erin Howe, Junmin Wu, Laurie Littlepage, Harikrishna Nakshtri, Siyua Zhang

    Lacking targetable molecular drivers, triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is the most clinically challenging subtype of breast cancer. In this study, we reveal that Death Effector Domain-containing DNA-binding protein (DEDD), which is overexpressed in > 60% of TNBCs, drives a mitogen-independent G1/S cell cycle transition through cytoplasm localization. The gain of cytosolic DEDD enhances cyclin D1 expression by interacting with heat shock 71 kDa protein 8 (HSC70). Concurrently, DEDD inte…

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