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    Kenton Murray, David Chiang

    Neural networks have been shown to improve performance across a range of natural-language tasks. However, designing and training them can be complicated. Frequently, researchers resort to repeated experimentation to pick optimal settings. In this paper, we address the issue of choosing the correct number of units in hidden layers. We introduce a method for automatically adjusting network size by pruning out hidden units through L∞,1 and L2,1 regularization. We apply this method to language mo…

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    Haiyan Meng

    Computational reproducibility depends on being able to isolate necessary and sufficient computational artifacts and preserve them for later re-execution. Both isolation and preservation of artifacts can be challenging due to the complexity of existing software and systems and the resulting implicit dependencies, resource distribution, and shifting compatibility of systems as time progresses—all conspiring to break the reproducibility of an application. Sandboxing is a technique that has bee…