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Undergraduate students in Latino studies community-based research courses taught by Professors Marisel Moreno-Anderson and Karen Richman launched a Student Research Series in 2007. The launch of the publication was supported by the Institute for Latino Studies, Notre Dame’s President’s Circle, the Office of Research and the Saint Joseph Regional Medical Foundation. The briefs are intended to inform scholars, community leaders, service providers, and the public at large about local Latino settlement, contributions, and challenges in the South Bend area. Topics include arts, culture, demography, education, entrepreneurship, family, gender, health care, housing, identity, immigration, labor, language, politics, religion and youth.



Citizenship and Civic Participation

Children and Youth

Family and Households

Regional Research


Immigration and Transnationalism

Labor and the Economy



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    Caroline Hawes

    Addresses generational shifts in Latino communities in South Bend and the increase in oppositional youth sub-culture within second-generation Latino youth communities. Research comes from Pew Hispanic Trust data on 21st century Latino immigrants and their families. Explores reasons for the emergence of oppositional youth sub-cultures such as gangs, particularly among males. Includes interviews from members of the South Bend Latino community as well as staff and incarcerated youth at the South…

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