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  • Author:
    Anna M. McDermott
    Advisory Committee:
    Joel D. Boerckel, Daniel Kelly, Glen Niebur
    Degree Area:
    Doctor of Philosophy
    Defense Date:
  • Author(s):
    Anna M. McDermott, Samuel Herberg, Devon E. Mason, Hope B. Pearson, James H. Dawahare, Joseph M. Collins, Rui Tang, Amit Patwa, Mark W. Grinstaff, Daniel J. Kelly, Eben Alsberg, Joel D. Boerckel

    Natural fracture healing recapitulates bone development through endochondral ossification, resulting in clinical success rates of 90-95%. However, large bone defects of critical size cannot form a callus and exhibit high rates of complication and non-union even after intervention. Bone tissue engineering holds promise, but traditional approaches have focused on direct, intramembranous bone formation. We propose that mimicking the endochondral process that is naturally selected for bone develo…

    Date Published: