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The Institute for Latino Studies has sponsored research and scholarship on the role of Latinos in the ongoing transformation of U.S. society overall and of Metropolitan Chicago and Northwest Indiana, in particular. Reports and policy and research briefs are available for download.



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  • Author(s):
    Edwin Hernández, Melissa Mauldin, Milagros Peña

    This report seeks to examine the complex role that Latino/a ministers play and the myriad ways they mobilize resources on behalf of their communities. By exploring the experiences, insights, and struggles of Latino/a ministers, we hope to help deepen the understanding of how US Hispanics are faring and to illuminate some of the resources and support that are needed to help strengthen these leaders? efforts to meet the spiritual and social needs of their communities.

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  • Author(s):
    Edwin Hernández, David Sikkink

    Research on role of religion in academic success and failure of Latino youth. Particular focus on impoverished inner-city schools. Analyzes 1996 data from National Household Education Survey, National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health and 1999 data from Early Childhood Longitudinal Study.

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