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  • Author:
    Farzad Talebi
    Advisory Committee:
    Bertrand Hochwald, Dr. Thomas G. Pratt, Yih-Fang Huang
    Degree Area:
    Electrical Engineering
    Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
    Defense Date:
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  • Inventor(s):
    Thomas G. Pratt, Farzad Talebi
    Patent Number:
    US 10270547 B2

    A system and method for detection of complex sinusoidal signals. The method can include obtaining a set of complex-valued samples of one or more signals, in the presence of unknown noise, using a plurality of sensors. The presence of .kappa. candidate complex sinusoids can be assumed. Then, .kappa. candidate complex sinusoids in the set of complex-valued samples can be estimated. The method can include comparing a measurement of the energy of the .kappa. estimated candidate complex sinusoids …

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