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  • Inventor(s):
    James L. Massey
    Patent Number:
    EP 0486834B1

    In a multiple access method for the simultaneous exchange of several data streams ({B.sub.1,m }, {B.sub.2,m }, {B.sub.3,m }) among several participants of a transmission system, various data streams ({B.sub.1,m }, {B.sub.2,m }, {B.sub.3,m }) with the same spread sequence (s[.]) are expanded to a corresponding DSSS signal ({B.sub.1,m s[.]}, {B.sub.2,m s[.]}, {B.sub.3,m s[.]}. During transmission, the various DSSS signals ({B.sub.1,m s[.]}, {B.sub.2,m s[.]}, {B.sub.3,m s[.]}) are heterodyned to…

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