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    Joseph A Hagmann, Xiang Li, Sugata Chowdhury, Si-Ning Dong, Sergei Rouvimov, Sujitra J Pookpanratana, Kin Man Yu, Tatyana A Orlova, Trudy B Bolin, Carlo U Segre

    We demonstrate that the introduction of an elemental beam of Mn during the molecular beam epitaxial growth of Bi2Se3 results in the formation of layers of Bi2MnSe4 that intersperse between layers of pure Bi2Se3. This study revises the assumption held by many who study magnetic topological insulators (TIs) that Mn incorporates randomly at Bi-substitutional sites during epitaxial growth of Mn:Bi2Se3. Here, we report the formation of thin film magnetic TI Bi2MnSe4 with stoichiometric composition…

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