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  • Author:
    Anna B. Holdorf
    Advisory Committee:
    Rebecca Tinio McKenna, Jon T. Coleman, Thomas Tweed, Darren T. Dochuk
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    Doctor of Philosophy
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  • Author(s):
    Davis, Kyle Frankel, Chiarelli, Davide Danilo, Niles, Meredith T., Mueller, Nathaniel D., D'Odorico, Paolo, Dell'Angelo, Jampel, Ricciardi, Vincent, Rulli, Maria Cristina, Penny, Gopal, Mueller, Marc F., Rosa, Lorenzo

    Foreign investors have acquired approximately 90 million hectares of land for agriculture over the past two decades. The effects of these investments on local food security remain unknown. While additional cropland and intensified agriculture could potentially increase crop production, preferential targeting of prime agricultural land and transitions toward export-bound crops might affect local access to nutritious foods. We test these hypotheses in a global systematic analysis of the food se…

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    US consumers eat a lot of beef. The nation’s beef cattle production industry is a multi-faceted, complex supply chain which makes it an area rich for discussion about information practices, yet vulnerable to problems such as disease and terrorist attack. This research looks at cattle identification and traceability information resources that are accessible to beef cattle producers through two web channels: the state cooperative Extension website and the state Department of Agriculture website…

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