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  • Author(s):
    Matthew Sisk, John J. Shea

    Despite a body of literature focusing on the functionality of modern and stylistically distinct projectile points, comparatively little attention has been paid to quantifying the functionality of the early stages of projectile use. Previous work identified a simple ballistics measure, the Tip Cross-Sectional Area, as a way of determining if a given class of stone points could have served as effective projectile armatures. Here we use this in combination with an alternate measure, the Tip Cros…

  • Author(s):
    Matthew Sisk, John J. Shea

    The “Origin of Modern Humans”, the “Great Leap Forward”, the “Human Revolution" –are but a few of the terms used to describe the Upper Paleolithic Period in Europe (45,000-11,000 BP). There, and in and contiguous parts of western Asia, the Upper Paleolithic Period preserves the first consistent evidence for several distinctively human behaviors (i.e., behaviors that appear to have evolved uniquely among Homo sapiens). These behaviors include systematic production of personal ornaments,…

  • Author:
    William Benjamin Secunda
    Advisory Committee:
    John McGreevy, Gail Bederman, Mark R. Schurr, Gregory Evans Dowd
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