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    Natalie K. Meyers, Luis Felipe Murillo, Shannon Dosemagen, Gerd Heber, Katie Hoeberling, Lane Rasberry, John Ready, Alek Jelenak, Michelle Cheripka, Matias Milia

    A presentation by the Socio-Environmental Knowledge Commons (SEEKCommons) team delivered at a Virtual Meeting convened for all NSF funded FAIR OS RCN teams on May 19, 2023.

    Cite as Murillo, Luis Felipe, Doesmagen, Shannon, Heber, Gerd, Meyers, Natalie, Hoeberling, Katherine, Rasberry, Lane, Readey, John, Jelenak, Alek, Cheripka, Michelle, & Milia, Matias. (2023, May 19). Socio-Environmental Knowledge Commons presentation to NSF FAIR Open Science Research Coordination Network. Zenodo. htt…

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