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    Matthew Sisk

    This is the data table from Appendix A of Sisk, ML (2011) “Settlement and Site Location in the Middle and Upper Paleolithic of the Vézère Valley, France” Ph.D. Dissertation, Stony Brook University, Department of Anthropology. It corrects errors present in the original publication

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    Thomas Aquinas
    Apologetics--Early works to 1800

    The Summa Contra Gentiles is not merely the only complete summary of Christian doctrine that St. Thomas has written, but also a creative and even revolutionary work of Christian apologetics composed at the precise moment when Christian thought needed to be intellectually creative in order to master and assimilate the intelligence and wisdom of the Greeks and the Arabs. In the Summa Aquinas works to save and purify the thought of the Greeks and the Arabs in the higher light of Christian Re…

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    Book Chapter