Architectural Lantern Slides of Bolivia

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Architectural Lantern Slides


Lantern slide created in Bolivia during the late 19th or early 20th century. Image subjects include church exterior and square in which indigenous Bolivians appear to rest, travel, and conduct business. These lantern slides were intended for use in architectural pedagogy.


G. Massiot & cie




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La Paz


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    G. Massiot & cie

    In the 18th century, examples of Mestizo Baroque architecture, influenced by indigenous styles and techniques, began to appear in such churches as San Francisco (1744-1784) and San Domingo, which served as the city’s cathedral until the 19th century. Mestizo is characterized by massive Baroque structure with finely dressed stone detailing in exuberant flat patterns reminiscent of embroidery or wood-carving. San Francisco has indigenous symbols such as masked figures, snakes, dragons and t…

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