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    Nora Belzowski, Mark Robison

    Subject faculty sometimes limit information literacy when they ask a librarian for “the library talk.” On the librarian’s end, this unimaginative request translates into a traditional one-shot, often focused on point-and-click skills rather than building deeper competencies. The authors developed a collaboration rubric to liberate librarians from this deadlock. The rubric uses nine lenses to focus the librarian-instructor collaboration on relevant sub-categories that display various instructi…

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    Between October and December 2015, a small study was conducted to understand the past and current collaborations between academic campus museums and libraries. Association of American Universities, Private (AAUP) libraries were contacted to share the relationships they have with their campus museums and galleries. Specifically, art librarians were targeted as the Snite Museum is an art museum. From these responses, recommendations were made to the University Librarian for potential partnershi…

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