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  • Author(s):
    Liz Dube, Whitney Baker

    A web-based survey of book conservation treatment practices in research libraries was conducted in 2007. Survey results were summarized in a 2010 report that documented standard practice, moderate-use, and low-use book conservation treatments for special collections and general collections in research libraries in the United States. Similarities and differences between special and general collections practices were highlighted. In an effort to better understand the differences in practices ob…

  • Author(s):
    Whitney Baker, Liz Dube

    The field of research library conservation has emerged as a distinct discipline and undergone major refinements over the past fifty years: professional organizations and training programs have been established, new treatment techniques have been developed and promoted, and, increasingly, special and general collections practitioners have collaborated on treatment solutions. Despite such dramatic growth and definition within the field, there has been no comprehensive assessment of the book tre…