Catholic Social Tradition

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The Catholic Social Tradition collection in CurateND houses sub-collections that reflect the Catholic Church’s long-standing engagement with questions about social issues like justice, peace, poverty, and human rights. Catholicism’s reflections and ideas on these questions come in the form of official teaching from hierarchical leadership, analysis by theologians, philosophers, economists, or other social scientists, and the practices of lay people, clergy, activists, and various ecclesial bodies and Catholic organizations. This rich collection of material is often considered to have begun in the late nineteenth century with the promulgation of Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical Rerum Novarum, but Catholic Social Tradition reaches back much further, into scripture and the whole history of theology and Church practice, for sources of reflection on social questions. Catholic Social Tradition seeks to constantly renew, reapply, and reinvigorate this collected Catholic wisdom in light of the ever-changing “signs of the times” that shape social challenges putting justice, peace, and human flourishing at stake.

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