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First published in 1913, John A. Zahm’s book—written using the pseudonym (and anagram) H.J. Mozans—is an account of women’s achievements in science from ancient Greece to the early twentieth century. It highlights the cultural arguments of the time about a woman’s “place” in science, and refutes those arguments by sharing examples of exceptional female scientists and describing the science of intellect. Though Zahm frequently frames women’s successes through the lens of early twentieth century culture, the book is surprisingly contemporary in outlook.Until 1972, only men were admitted as undergraduates into the University of NotrecDame. In 1971, Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C., then-president of the University, andcothers, decided not to merge with Saint Mary’s College as originally considered, but to admit women—both undergraduates and transfer students—the following year. This fourth edition celebrates the 50 years of coeducation at Notre Dame, where women have both met and exceeded Zahm’s challenge to not only excel in the sciences, but also to achieve significant accomplishments as physicians, researchers, scientific leaders, and entrepreneurs.Zahm, who began serving as vice president of the University of Notre Dame in 1885, was a scientist and writer. His other books included studies of the Catholic Church and travelogues.


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