Alexandrov Geometry of Leaf Spaces and Applications

Doctoral Dissertation


We develop a number of tools to analyze the geometry and topology of leaf spaces - quotients of singular Riemannian foliations with closed leaves. This expands upon and gives a purely geometric footing to similar tools used to study orbit spaces of isometric group actions. When applied to a given leaf space, these tools not only help describe the geometry/topology of the quotient, but can also reveal information about the leaves of the singular Riemannian foliation and the manifolds which admit such foliations. The majority of the work is done for leaf spaces with positive curvature (in the comparison sense), as the original motivation was to systematically study singular Riemannian foliations as was done for positively curved manifolds with symmetry.


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Author Adam Moreno
Contributor Karsten Grove, Research Director
Contributor Gabor Szekelyhidi, Committee Member
Contributor Stephan Stolz, Committee Member
Contributor Marco Radeschi, Committee Member
Degree Level Doctoral Dissertation
Degree Discipline Mathematics
Degree Name Doctor of Philosophy
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  • 2019-06-14

Submission Date 2019-06-19
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