Compositionally graded heterojunction semiconductor device and method of making same



A compositionally graded semiconductor device and a method of making same are disclosed that provides an efficient p-type doping for wide bandgap semiconductors by exploiting electronic polarization within the crystalline lattice. The compositional graded semiconductor graded device includes a graded heterojunction interface that exhibits a 3D bound polarization-induced sheet charge that spreads in accordance with .rho..sub..pi.(z)=-.gradient.P(z), where .rho..sub..pi.(z) is a volume charge density in a polar (z) direction, and .gradient. is a divergence operator, wherein the graded heterojunction interface is configured to exhibit substantially equivalent conductivities along both lateral and vertical directions relative to the graded heterojunction interface.


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  • Compositionally graded heterojunction semiconductor device and method of making same

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  • US 8835998 B2

  • John Simon

  • Debdeep Jena

  • Huili (Grace) Xing

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  • Debdeep Jena

  • Huili (Grace) Xing

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  • 12/967,892

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  • 2011-09-29

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  • US 20110235665 A1

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  • 257/291; 257/11; 257/E33.016

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  • H01L 21/02389 (20130101); H01L 21/02433 (20130101); H01L 21/02458 (20130101); H01L 21/0251 (20130101); H01L 21/0254 (20130101); H01L 21/02579 (20130101); H01L 21/02631 (20130101); H01L 29/201 (20130101); H01L 29/8613 (20130101); H01L 33/32 (20130101); H01L 29/2003 (20130101); H01S 5/0421 (20130101); H01S 5/305 (20130101); H01S 5/3063 (20130101); H01S 5/32341 (20130101)

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  • H01L 29/66 (20060101)

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  • 2014-09-16

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  • University of Notre Dame du Lac

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