Single dielectric barrier aerodynamic plasma actuation



A single dielectric barrier aerodynamic plasma actuator apparatus based on the dielectric barrier discharge phenomenon is disclosed and suggested for application to aerodynamic uses for drag reduction, stall elimination and airfoil efficiency improvement. In the plasma actuator apparatus non-uniform in time and space, partially ionized gasses are generated by one or more electrode pairs each having one electrically encapsulated electrode and one air stream exposed electrode and energization by a high-voltage alternating current waveform. The influence of electrical waveform variation, electrode polarity, electrode size and electrode shape on the achieved plasma are considered along with theoretical verification of achieved results. Light output, generated thrust, ionizing current waveform and magnitude and other variables are considered. Misconceptions prevailing in the present day plasma generation art are addressed and are believed-to-be corrected. The influence of electrostatic shielding effects of the developed plasma on the applied electric field are also considered.


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  • Single dielectric barrier aerodynamic plasma actuation

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  • US 7380756 B2

  • Carl L. Enloe

  • Thomas E. McLaughlin

  • Eric J. Jumper

  • Thomas C. Corke

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  • Eric J. Jumper

  • Thomas C. Corke

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  • 10/994,029

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  • 244/175; 244/130; 244/198; 244/205;

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  • B64C 23/005 (20130101); F05D 2270/172 (20130101); Y02T 50/166 (20130101); B64C 2230/12 (20130101)

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  • B64C 13/02 (20060101)

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  • 2008-06-03

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