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This is an alpha release of the Radiohound Project. RadioHound is a low-cost spectrum measurement device and beacon suitable for use in mobile environments. RadioHound enables spectrum mapping in real time, providing a reliable indicator of spectrum utilization. Its beacon capabilities provide a mechanism for measuring radio signal propagation between devices. Because of its portability and low cost, widespread deployment can give good understanding of device-to-device and device-to-infrastructure connectivity, especially in crowded or dense environments. Although beacons will be designed for frequency bands of interest, one intended capability includes designing beacons for “greenfield” millimeter-wave frequencies, to allow understanding of the millimeter-wave propagation environment in crowded settings such as sporting events, concerts, or emergency situations.


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  • Nikolaus Kleber

  • Abbas Termos

  • Gonzalo Martinez

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  • 2016-12-02

  • Wireless Institute

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