Cross Section Measurements of 10B(p,α)7Be

Doctoral Dissertation


The 10B(p,α)7Be reaction is a potential temperature diagnostic for laser-driven plasmas. While this technique would be implemented at sub-MeV energies, higher energy resonances may interfere with those that lie within the plasma environment energies. Additionally, there are significant uncertainties and inconsistencies in the reaction cross section data at higher energy. A measurement of 10B(p,α)7Be over a broader range of energies and angles will better determine the resonance interferences and constrain the R-matrix parameterization for the lower energies. This cross section was measured at the University of Notre Dame and at Ohio University with charged-particle Si detectors in the energy range Ep = 800 - 2000 keV for 10B(p,p)10B and 10B(p,α0,1)7Be and at multiple angles for complete angular distributions. Data overlap with previous comprehensive, lower-energy cross-section measurements now provides constraints on the interference effects of higher energy resonances. The data analyzed within this dissertation better inform the R-matrix analysis of these reactions and help to confirm the reaction as a potential temperature diagnostic for NIF plasma analysis.


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Author Bryant Vande Kolk
Contributor Michael C. Wiescher, Research Director
Degree Level Doctoral Dissertation
Degree Discipline Physics
Degree Name Doctor of Philosophy
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Submission Date 2021-04-19
  • beryllium-7

  • physics

  • nuclear cross section

  • nuclear astrophysics

  • boron-10

  • nuclear physics

  • experimental nuclear astrophysics

  • English

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