Flow Quality Assessment of the ACT-1 Arc-Heated Hypersonic Wind Tunnel and an Analytical Driver Tube Simulation

Master's Thesis


The Notre Dame arc-heated hypersonic wind tunnel, ACT-1, has been in use for four years and its flow has only been cursorily characterized. The flow of ACT-1 is characterized in greater depth in this work by its Mach-number variation both axially and azimuthally. The testing is performed at two stagnation pressures and with both the Mach-4.5 and Mach-6 nozzles. A two-phase flow problem is encountered in these tests and corrected for by a factor based on the fraction of carbon dioxide condensate. In addition to Mach-number variation, power spectra are examined. A second undertaking of the thesis is an analytical model of a shock tube which is used to benchmark against a numerical simulation. The treatment of interactions between flow structures is discussed, e.g. shock-shock and shock-contact surface interactions. The results are displayed as comparisons of flow properties at the farthest downstream position in the tube (i.e. a notional inlet to a Ludwieg tube’s nozzle) and overall mass fluctuation throughout the time of simulation.


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Author Christopher C. Huffman
Contributor Thomas J. Juliano, Research Director
Contributor Seong-kyun Im, Committee Member
Contributor Stanislav Gordeyev, Committee Member
Degree Level Master's Thesis
Degree Discipline Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Degree Name Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering
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  • 2019-04-30

Submission Date 2019-05-03
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