Computer-controlled power wheelchair navigation system



A wheelchair navigation system having motorized wheelchair which is powered by at least one onboard battery, and a battery charger. The navigation system also has a filter-based estimator with interface software running that is operated on an onboard laptop computer. Dual cameras, proximity sensors, microphones, and rotation sensors for the wheels are mounted to the wheelchair. Small markers are placed on the walls of a location or room. The navigation system uses the proximity sensors, rotation sensors and cameras in conjunction with the specialized software to determine where objects or impediments are located in the room and thereby redirect the path of the wheelchair so as to avoid such objects. The wheelchair is walked through the marked location thereby teaching various paths which are recorded in the computer and recalled later when the wheelchair is in use.


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  • Computer-controlled power wheelchair navigation system

Patent Number
  • US 6842692 B2

  • Linda Fehr

  • Steven B. Skaar

  • Guillermo Del Castillo

Inventor From Local Institution
  • Steven B. Skaar

Other Application
  • 10/187,989

Prior Publication Date
  • 2004-01-08

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  • US 2004006422 A1

  • 13

Classification (US Patent)
  • 701/23; 701/25; 701/27; 701/28; 701/420; 701/539;

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  • G01C 21/20 (20130101)

International Patent Classification codes
  • G01C 21/20 (20060101); G01C 021/00 (); G01C 022/00 (); G06G 007/78 (); G05D 001/00 ()

  • eng

Date Issued
  • 2005-01-11

  • United States Patent and Trademark Office

  • University of Notre Dame Du Lac

  • The United States of America as represented by the Department of Veterans Affairs (Washington, DC)

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