High-Index-Contrast λ = 1.55 μm AlInGaAs/InP Laser Heterostructure Waveguides Through Selective Core Oxidation



A deep-etched high-index-contrast ridge waveguide for low bend loss photonic integration is realized through selective lateral oxidation of a λ 1⁄4 1.55 mm AlInGaAs multi-quantum well diode laser heterostructure waveguide core layer sandwiched between InP cladding layers. The process is enabled by first depositing a thin protective layer to fully suppress the thermal dissociation of exposed InP surfaces during the subsequent oxygen-enhanced wet thermal oxidation process. Either %30–100 nm of InGaAs grow through selective epitaxial regrowth via MOCVD or %6 Å of HfO2 grows via atomic layer deposition is found to be effective at preventing dissociation damage. A lateral oxidation depth of %1.0 mm is achieved with a 3 h oxidation at 525 C, yielding a buried oxide high optical confinement waveguide with reduced capacitance and contact resistance, suitable for the integration of high-speed, low-bend loss integrated laser devices.


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  • Jinyang Li

  • Jeremy D. Kirch

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  • Physica Status Solids

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  • 2019-02

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