Shah Mosque, Isfahan: Overall view of complex and south side of Naghsh-i Jahan Square



This monumental mosque was begun in 1611 by ‛Abbas I and finished ca. 1630 by his successor, Safi (reigned 1629-1642). The entrance vestibule is aligned with the southern side of the maidan, but the rest of the building is rotated 45 degrees to align with the qibla and face Mecca. The building consists of a large central court with iwans on the four sides. Paired minarets flank the entrance portal and the sanctuary iwan.


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Alternate Title
  • Masjid-i shah

  • G. Massiot & cie

  • Architecture

  • Mosques

Date Created
  • 1910-01-01

Date Digitized
  • 2007-01-01

Cultural Context
  • Safavid

Place of Creation
  • Eşfahān, Esfahān, Iran

  • +32.654444+51.6775

  • Eşfahān

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Temporal Coverage
  • before or circa 1910

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