Posteriors [Indices] - Varieties of Democracy v.5 (2016)



Posterior data of Higher Level Indices for Varieties of Democracy v.5 (2016). Refer to Varieties of Democracy v.5 (2016) for a code book and description of the variables.


Attribute NameValues
  • Megan Reif

  • Daniel Pemstein

  • Allen Hicken

  • Jan Teorell

  • John Gerring

  • Eitan Tzelgov

  • Jeffrey Staton

  • Svend-Erik Skaaning

  • Michael Bernhard

  • M. Steven Fish

  • Michael Coppedge

  • Carl Henrik Knutsen

  • David Altman

  • Staffan I. Lindberg

  • Yi-ting Wang

  • Matthew Kroenig

  • Adam Glynn

  • Kelly McMann

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