Beach Erosion during Hurricane Maria in PuertoRico



This dataset accompanies the Manuscript “Impact of Hurricane Maria on beach erosion in Puerto Rico: remote sensing and causal inference” by Jaynise Perez-Valentin and Marc F. Muller, November 2019.

beachesGIS is a zip archive that contains GIS vectors of 75 beach polygons across Puerto Rico. The vectors are provided in ESRI Shapefile format and LatLong coordinate system and have an attribute table with a beach name.

TimeSeries is a csv table containing time series of shoreline position associated with each of the 75 beaches, identified by their name. Each row is an observation, columns are: - “Name” the name of the beach, as referred to in the beachesGIS file and in the manuscript. - “date” in yyyy-mm-dd format - “postMaria” takes a value of 1 if the observation was taken after the Hurricane (2017-09-20), zero otherwise - “Lat”, “Lon” the coordinates of the centroid of the beach - “A” and “P” the area and perimeter of the beach polygon in meters - “w” and “L” the estimated length and width of the beach polygon in meters. - “sandRatio” The ratio of the beach polygon occupied by the shore (i.e sand), as measured using Sentinel 1 GRD SAR imagery - “distance” the distance from pre-Maria shoreline position, in meters, away from the shore (i.e. positive if the beach accretes) and spatially averaged over the polygon.


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