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In the Summer/Fall of 2017, participants were invited to contribute answers for the PresQT research study, entitled “Data and Software Preservation Quality Tool Needs Assessment” related to the PresQT Project, University of Notre Dame Study # 17-04-3850 DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/D3JX7. Data Collection closed Sept 1, 2017 at 5 PM EDT.

Participants’ answers to a series of questions related to their past practice, and anticipated future needs as researchers and/or software developers contribute to a better understanding of what tools and/or tool suites would be of benefit those preserving and/or sharing data and software.

The Needs Assessment questionnaire and response data are available

Files made public related to PresQT Needs Assessment are:

Questionnaire/PresQTNeedsQuestionnaire.pdf (the questionnaire presented to survey respondents via qualtrics in PDF format).

Questionnaire/PresQTNeedsQuestionnaire.docx (the questionnaire presented to survey respondents output from Qualtrics as word doc format, includes some qualtrics information about flow)

Data/PresQTNeedsdata.txt (a tab delimited tabular data format distribution of de-identified data collected in the PresQT Needs Assessment) De-identified data set does not include columns from the Needs Assessment that included any personally identifying information . If responses in any free text question included self-described identifying information and/or content was edited for brevity they have been marked as redacted with a “y” in a corresponding column to indicate for which(if any) corresponding cells in the data set redactions were necessary.

PresQTNeedsAssessment/readme.rtf - rich text file listing files distributed in the public share of PresQT Needs Assessment, briefly describing their contents and relationship to the assessment.

Identification of Investigator and Contacts: The PresQT Needs Assessment study was conducted by Zheng Wang, Sandra Gesing, Rick Johnson, and Natalie Meyers of the University of Notre Dame. This study has been reviewed by the University of Notre Dame Institutional Review Board and the study number is 17-04-3850. Contact the investigator at: Zheng Wang at (574) 631-6495.


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  • John Wang

  • Sandra Gesing

  • Rick Johnson

  • Natalie Meyers

  • Noel Recla

  • Jeffrey R. Spies

  • David Minor

  • survey

  • data preservation

  • software preservation

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