Strange Loops: A Study of Computation in Art and Consciousness

Master's Thesis


Humans use devices to expand their empirical limits. Observations of astronomical objects as well as other aspects of the universe–previously out of reach of human observational capabilities–have become ubiquitous. By design, these technological devices experience fundamentally different qualia than their human creators; and yet through them humans are able to gain access to those qualia. This thesis and its accompanying visual work explores the limits of observation and experience, and highlights the contrast between the advancements of humans and their relative insignificance within the context of the greater cosmos.


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Author Justin Keith Trupiano
Contributor Richard Gray, Research Director
Contributor Nicole Woods, Committee Member
Contributor Kate Marshall, Committee Member
Degree Level Master's Thesis
Degree Discipline Art, Art History and Design
Degree Name MFA
Defense Date
  • 2018-04-09

Submission Date 2018-04-09
Record Visibility Public
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  • All rights reserved

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